Introduction Happy charge technology co., ltd. is the only operating service platform of the Shared charging industry based on the r&d, operation and service of Internet and Internet of things technology, industrial characteristics, ecological environment and big data service. The company has more than 100 research and development team led by senior power experts, with strong new product development ability and rapid response ability, advanced international design concept, follow the world's new power technology development, launched a variety of high-performance, highly reliable power products. Up to now, it has obtained dozens of invention patents, utility model patents and appearance patents. Up to now, it has owned a number of core patented high-tech products, integrating the core product innovation technology of "embedded technology,industrial ,design,electromechanical integration providing the market with high-quality Shared charging software and hardware intelligent products, and providing software and hardware technical solutions for various brands in the industry.

The main business of the company includes software development, Shared media, advertising services, and it is a professional Internet of things platform for self-service and flexible advertising and real-time control of advertising under the network environment. It has created an efficient and convenient Shared advertising platform that can be used by everyone, anytime and anywhere.

The company's products focus on the overseas Shared charging treasure market, starting from Bangkok and radiating around the world. As the only enterprise of Shared charging equipment in southeast Asia, the company places products and equipment targeted at the living habits of consumers in southeast Asia, aiming to provide great convenience for consumers in southeast Asia.

Shared charging industry, the only operating service platform in southeast Asia.

High quality, Shared charging software and hardware intelligent products.

Provide software and hardware technical